Material Handling Services

At Conveyor & Storage Solutions, we provide turnkey warehouse storage systems. With our industry knowledge and experience, we offer valuable services including space planning, system designs, application engineering, installations, project management, and building permit submittal services.

Our installers are OSHA certified and safety is a huge issue to us. We provide free site visit evaluation to local customers in San Diego area.


Site Visit & Warehouse Storage System Evaluation

In the evaluation of a warehouse storage system, multiple factors should be considered, including the square footage available, the sprinkler system, the size and loads of pallets and the type of forklift used. We are warehouse specialists, storage design consultants and distributors.

* Free site visit for warehouse evaluation

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Design/Build for Warehouse Storage Systems

The design/build phase begins with the evaluation of products, possible handling methods, and their overall management process. 3D prototypes can be created for presentations and budget approval.

We examine types of storage solutions, and determine which ones provide the maximum benefits.

  • Design/Build turnkey systems
  • System evaluations

* 3D drawings presentations to illustrate your project and our concept ideas.

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Warehouse Space Planning

Warehouse space planning takes a look at how each type of storage system would work in a given warehouse area.

Evaluating multiple layouts helps to understand your present needs and future growth.

  • System integration
  • Warehouse space planning using AutoCAD
  • Layouts and elevation drawings

* 2D technical drawings representing bidding, installation and permits versions.

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Building Permits & Submittal Services

Our company can assist with obtaining building permits for racks, shelving, catwalks, order picking systems, cantilever, mezzanines, and any other type of warehouse storage system that you may already have, or one that we will design for you.

  • Data collection & forms for building permits
  • Seismic engineering & structural calculations
  • Inspections for the Building & Fire Department

* Building permit submitted services

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Project Management & Site Management

Our project management system ensures each order stays within budgets & completes within scheduled timelines.

  • Coordinate with facility managers & contractors
  • Schedule deliveries, installations, & inspections
  • Purchasing construction materials

* From space planning concepts to installation and implementation.

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Installation Services

We have lots of experience with warehouse installations, pallet rack repair, maintain a safe working environment, and ensure permit sign offs.

  • Experienced, insured, & bonded professionals
  • OSHA safety and standards
  • Contractors License #730010
  • Installations, maintenance, and repairs

* Installation of warehouse racks and other material handling equipment.

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Moving, Relocations and Expansions

Whether moving out of your current location (Moving Pallet Racks), relocating to and another warehouse (Warehouse Relocation), or expanding in your existing facility, C&SS can help with your storage system needs.

  • Moving pallet racks and other types of systems
  • Warehouse relocations
  • Liquidate fixed assets

* OSHA certified installers and machine operators will handle the heavy move.

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We Buy & Sell Used Materials Handling Equipment

We buy pallet racks and warehouse equipments , new or used, and pay top dollar for it. Our team of workers can un-install, or 'teardown', your existing pallet rack system and move it to our storage yard. In most cases, we can have your storage system down-and-out in less than 1 week.

  • Insured pallet rack installers
  • Material handling experts
  • Easy buy back system

* Learn how to submit information about selling your warehouse equipment to us.

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Asset Recovery

We specialize in asset recovery. We are a 1-stop outfit, which provides disassembly and movement of the materials. All of our workers are insured and are OSHA certified. We work fast and efficient, and know that getting you out of your warehouse in a timely manner is important. Call us for a quick quote.

  • We purchase material handling applications
  • Experienced and trained installation professionals
  • Project management

On top of our freight shipping services, we also offer transportation management software, logistics consulting, warehousing, and a wide range of other logistics services.

* We have been helping companies to recover investments towards distribution centers and warehousing.

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Pallet Rack Repair

Conveyor & Storage Solutions has been designing warehouse storage systems using industrial storage racks for the material handling industry. Preventative maintenance help keep warehouse storage systems in a safe, functioning condition.

Here are the steps to fix the problem:

  • Remove only product in adjacent storage locations (both sides of upright, usually ground floor only).
  • Cut & remove damaged column post.
  • Weld & splice pre-assembled Upright Repair Kit to existing upright.
  • Anchor new post to warehouse floor.

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Seismic Safety Inspection

Our Seismic Safety Inspection is a general "walk through" of your warehouse to determine the safety of your existing storage racks and provide solutions to fix any problems, if necessary.

  • Proper Anchoring
  • Seismic Footplates
  • Anchor Torque Test
  • Rack Load Capacity Signage
  • Building Permits
  • Damaged Rack Components
  • Fire Department Requirements

* Our Seismic Safety Inspection is a general "walk through" of your warehouse to determine the safety of your existing storage racks.

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Moving Pallet Rack Systems

Moving pallet racks is one of the most common needs in our industry. Our experienced team of installers and drivers work safe & efficient to get the job completed as fast as possible helping the customer experience as little down-time as possible.

  • Layout and design to evaluate optimum use of new storage area and possible increase of pallet positions.
  • Teardown and transportation of racking system.
  • Professional material handling installation.

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Equipment Leasing and Financing

Financing enables our clients to invest in warehouse space planning, relocation, expansion, and material handling integration during times of growth or restructuring.

This allows us to focus on providing quality warehouse storage services for manufacturing and distribution companies throughout California.

  • Easy equipment finance
  • Fast application turnaround
  • Great rates and
  • Best customer service in the industry

* Quickly receive a lump sum of cash for any business need.