Pallet Rack Repair

Conveyor & Storage Solutions has been designing warehouse storage systems using industrial storage racks for the material handling industry. Preventative maintenance help keep warehouse storage systems in a safe, functioning condition.

One of the most common problems are lower portions of posts being exposed to damage by forklift trucks and other moving equipment. Once upright posts have been ‘hit’ and are no longer straight, they do not carry the same structural integrity for your storage loads. C&SS sells an Upright Repair Kit to solve this problem.


Column protectors installed after a basic pallet rack repair.

Pallet rack repair can go from basic column repair returning damaged columns to its original structural conditions to more complicated sloped leg replacement or bolt-on column guard.

This process usually requires you to only remove product in the direct vicinity of the repair. Even though we have a guy on ‘fire-watch’, you may want to remove additional product in locations near the repair.

Here are the steps to fix the problem:

  • Remove only product in adjacent storage locations (both sides of upright, usually ground floor only).
  • Cut & remove damaged column post.
  • Weld & splice pre-assembled Upright Repair Kit to existing upright.
  • Anchor new post to warehouse floor.
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