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Building Permitting Services in San Diego, Los Angeles and Riverside / San Bernardino

This document is designed to inform you, the Customer, of the Building Department’s requirements and the time necessary to obtain building permits.

The Uniform Building Code (UBC), which is the standard followed in California and many other states, requires that any type of storage structure over 8′-0″ high be seismically engineered and permitted. This is designed to ensure that all construction in the State is safe.

As part of our scope of services in connection with the design and sale of our storage systems and their installation, we can provide a permit submittal service package and assist our customers with obtaining building permits including:

  • Data Collection & Forms
  • Technical Drawings, Application Engineering & Structural Calculations
  • Scheduling for Building, Fire, and Inspection Departments
  • Building Permits and Final Occupancy

Building Permit Information

First step in the process is to collect all information related to the building’s type of construction and its accessibility conformity.
Information can be collected from many sources such as the building owner, the architect, and the property management company.

Below are the main areas of interest:

  • Existing Plans, Permits, and Building Drawings
  • Digital Copies of AutoCAD Drawings
  • Building Owner Contact Info
  • Property Legal Description
  • Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN)
  • Building Construction Type
  • Building Occupancy & Usage
  • Concrete Slab & Soil Info
  • Overhead Sprinkler System Specs

Building Permit Forms

While each city has its own requirements, here are the forms needed for the City of San Diego’s Building Department:

  • Hazardous Materials Questionnaire
  • High Pile Stock Inventory
  • Hazardous Materials Information
  • Construction Materials Testing Instructions
  • Property Owner / Contractor Agreement
  • Application to Perform Off-Site Fabrication
  • Certificate of Compliance for Off-Site Fabrication
  • Property Owner’s Final Report

Building Permit Drawings

The scope of work will be illustrated in a set of plans detailing ADA standards in the building and the layout of the new system.
Our permit submittal service package includes the following drawings:

  • Site Plan – This plan shows the general layout of the existing building site, parking for the building, accessible path of travel, and the location of the scope of work.
  • Floor Plan – This plan contains the interior dimensions of the space and the use of all rooms. It shows all the walls, doors, restrooms, and disabled accessibility.
  • Design Drawings – This plan shows the dimensions, details, notes, locations, and path of travel for the proposed storage system within the building.
  • Engineering Calculations – Detailed Drawings and structural calculations are provided by a licensed engineer to support our storage system design.

Building Permit Submittal

Plans are reviewed to see if they meet code.
Plan check fees must be paid before plan review, and are determined by the nature of the proposed construction. Typically, at least 3 sets of plans and 2 sets of calculations are required when obtaining permits. The general application, along with the other forms, is submitted with the plans.

The timeline to issue a permit depends on the Building Department’s workload and varies on a project basis. Some cities offer express plan check to expedite the process.

Plan are checked to see if the proposed scope of work will conform to the California Building Code, the International Building Code, Title 24 of the California Health and Safety Code, and all other relevant laws, ordinances, rules and regulations.

As the plans are reviewed, questions may arise that cannot be resolved immediately. The plan checker will prepare a review sheet noting the items that need to be clarified. The plans are modified as requested and resubmitted.

Permits for Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical

Fire Sprinkler System installed within a Catwalk Storage System.
For most cities, separate plumbing, electrical and mechanical permits are required, even though plumbing, electrical and mechanical approvals are obtained on the construction plans.

Many types of storage systems including multi-level catwalks, mezzanines, and dense rack systems such as pushback rack and drive-in rack, may require plumbing, electrical and mechanical work.

Even though Conveyor & Storage Solutions does not perform plumbing, electrical and mechanical work, we can assist in finding a contractor who does.

Building Permits and Final Occupancy

Construction and inspections for permit sign-off.
Permit fees must be paid when the permit is issued. An Inspection Record card is provided at permit issuance.

The inspector signs the Inspection Record card as the construction is inspected and approved.

At this time, the permit process is complete, and final occupancy of the construction will be granted.

With our collective expertise and experience, we can provide this service within a timely manner. It is easier for us to permit projects managed by us from our warehouse space planning design in which are linked to the different building regulations.

We recognize that permits are an integral part of the storage systems we sell and install. Our wish is for the process to proceed quickly and smoothly, so the end result can happen within the time frame required.

We believe that your understanding of the permitting process and the information required will save you from unforeseen surprises and delays.

We specialize in the following:

  • Pallet Rack Building Permits
  • Pushback Rack Building Permits
  • Catwalk System Building Permits
  • Storage Mezzanine Building Permits
  • Industrial Shelving Building Permits
  • Cantilever Racking Building Permits
  • Drive-In Pallet Rack Building Permits
  • Records Storage Rack Building Permits
  • Records Storage Shelving Building Permits
  • Warehouse Storage Rack Building Permits
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