Quality, Dependability, Flexibility Pallet Flow Rack Products

Mallard’s Pallet Flow designs are engineered to perform and built to last! With custom solutions for ALL applications, from economical shallow depth pick module systems to the most challenging deep lane flow systems in harsh environments. Choose from a variety of system types to meet your unique pallet flow rack and application requirements; Full and Split Roller Pallet Flow, Heavy Duty Magnum Wheel and Skate Wheel.

How Does Pallet Flow Save Space, Time, Energy and Money?

Selective storage racking typically wastes 50-60% of warehouse storage space availability. This can be an expensive adjustment, particularly in high priced manufacturing companies, and for distribution-oriented clients. When compared to other types of high-density storage solutions (drive-in rack, for example), pallet flow is significantly more efficient - with no forklift movement within the structure. All activity takes place at the aisles.

Industry’s Strongest, Most Reliable Pallet Flow

The Heavy-Duty Pallet Flow Wheel provides the most durable, effective flow lanes in the marketplace. Comprised of rugged, reinforced resin material, the Heavy-Duty Pallet Flow Wheel has approximately double the wheel capacity compared to competitive polycarbonate-based wheels. The Heavy-Duty Pallet Flow Wheel also has a wider surface than polycarbonate wheels, leading to better pallet tracking. Heavy-Duty Pallet Flow Wheel have more robust bearings, leading to a longer lifespan.

Durable Construction, Affordably Priced

Heavy Duty Skate Wheel pallet flow is ideal for users who prefer a reasonably priced solution for shallow depth lanes and for lighter weight loads. Heavy Duty Skate Wheel lanes are popular for lanes ranging from 2 deep to 5 deep, and loads under 2,000#. Heavy Duty Skate Wheel lanes are also ideal for usage in pick modules, for both high volume case selection, as well as empty pallet return (EPR) lanes.

Ideal for All Pallet Storage Racking Types

Today’s world for many users is a challenging environment. Vendors are often changing pallet configurations to meet expectations of lowering inbound/outbound product costs. Increasing shipping costs are a factor as well. Pallet Flow Rack & Speed Regulators are ideal for this situation, so as pallet applications change, the system design will remain dependable.