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Ultra-Grip Roller Speed Regulator

Pallet Flow Racking (MFG)

Ultra-Grip Roller Speed Regulators provide a necessary control mechanism to maintain a safe, measured pallet flow or speed as they advance down the lane.


Ultra-Grip Roller Speed Regulator to Slow Down Pallets and Prevent Sliding

Ultra-Grip Roller Speed Regulators are designed to provide increased traction and surface coverage in entire roller pallet flow systems for improved pallet tracking and control. Ultra-Grip rollers function perfectly with indirect mount speed regulators. The grip of the rubber wheels will allow from both products will result in slowing and safely getting the pallet to its lane.

Plastic pallets, which have different and special surface designs, allow stronger contact with the Ultra-Grip Roller rubber coating than regular galvanized rollers for improved flow and tracking. The coupling of the Ultra-Grip / indirect mount speed regulators is also beneficial on GMA-style non-standard pallets with limited surface area on the bottom.

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Mallard Manufacturing

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Sterling, IL



  • Prevents pallet surfing on galvanized rollers
  • Helps maintain consistent pallet speed
  • Tracks pallet properly down the lane
  • Durably constructed to last in tough warehouse environments


  • Works with indirect mount speed controllers mounted on full roller pallet flow
  • Ideal for plastic pallets & pallets with limited bottom surface area
  • Pallet weights up to 2000#