Pre-Owned Wiremesh Decks for Open Shelf Storage

In California, a warehouse space that uses a overhead sprinkler system in combination with a pallet rack storage system, needs to meet Fire safety regulation and City’s Building Department codes. Take advantage of this offer from Conveyor & Storage Solutions regarding upgrading your existing solid decks with quality pre-owned open shelf wire decks. Many other sizes available on used wire mesh decks for pallet rack and shelving, California.


  • Gray color powder coated or galvanized
  • 48″ Depth x 58″ Width
  • 48″ Depth x 52″ Width
  • 3 or 4 channel supports
  • Waterfall style
  • Flared style for structural beams
  • Step style for roll formed beams

Open Grid Wire Mesh Decks, New & Used

48″ Depth x 58″ Width wire decks ready to deliver.

Fire Approved Wire Decks For Pallet Racks

Two wiredecks per level on a pallet rack system.

Open grid wiredecks enables water flow from the sprinkler system above to travel between the loads to reach the lower levels on the pallet rack system.

Pre-Owned Wiredecks to Meet Fire Regulations & Building Code

Save 30% or more on pre-owned warehouse equipment in California.

Pallet Rack Beams, Frames, Wire Decks, and Accessories

Save 30% or more on pre-owned warehouse equipment in California.

We always have used warehouse storage equipment including a large supply of pallet racks, wire decks, pallet scales, storage racks, industrial shelving, conveyor, rolling ladders, pallet jacks and many other types of material handing equipment. We distribute new and used products.

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