Pallet Rack, Conveyor, Pallet Stretch Wrap Turntable, Pallet Scale, and Pallet Jacks

Huge inventory of used products consist of a combination of structural pallet rack bays and teardrop style used warehouse racking. This storage system can help you gain more space in your warehouse space improving the way you manage your inventory.

Pre-Owned Teardrop selective pallet rack system

Teardrop style frames making installation easier.

Interlake Structural Frames

  • 20′ Tall x 42″ deep 3″ green color
  • 5″ x 8″ x 3/8″ Seismic footplate

Interlake Beams

  • 96″ x 3″ face Model #485
  • Step with bolt on clip/2 hardware per clip

Teardrop Frames

  • 12′ and 16′ Tall x 42″ deep, 3″ x 3″ column, green color
  • 8′ Tall x 60″ deep
  • 5″ x 8″ x 3/8″ Seismic footplate

Teardrop Beams

  • 96″ x 3″ face
  • Step with bolt on clip/2 hardware per clip


  • Particle Boards
  • 2′ x 6′ lumber and metal supports
  • Wire decking

Structural Pallet Rack

Heavy duty structural pallet rack frames.

Interlake Structural Frames

Frames are anchored in the concrete floor to specification.

Structural Frame Row Spacer

Structural row spaces to help secure back to back bays.

Used Pallet Rack System

Design the system to fit your warehouse perfectly.

Used Teardrop Style Beams

All used equipment are inspected to maintain our standards.

Tall Used Racks San Diego

20′ tall selective pallet rack system.

Used Pallet Stretch Wrap Turntable

Front view of Pallet Stretch Wrap Turntable

We are always acquiring warehouse machinery as we help companies relocate and downsize. Pallet strech wrap machine could help the produtivity in your warehouse. Contact our sales department for additional information, pictures, prices, lead times, and a request for quote (RFQ). C&SS is servicing all California with sales offices in San Diego and the San Francisco bay area. Call us at 619-255-1428.

Pallet Stretch Wrap Turntable San Diego

Back view of Turntable controls

Pallet Scale with Ramp

Ramp Pallet Scale enable operators to easily handling materials.

Pallet scale with ramp enable pallet jacks to drop load pallets right into location. We have discounted prices for Hot Deals warehouse equipment like this one.

Used Gravity Roller Conveyor with Stands

10 sections of 120″ long x 24″ wide conveyors with stands.

Used Roller Conveyor Sections

5 sections of 60″ long x 24″ wide conveyors with stands.

Our used inventory changes frequently. We are constantly buying pre-owned equipment from companies that are down sizing, relocating, and going out of business, which allows us to resale these materials at discount prices to our customers. Please call us for advice on how a used conveyor systems may save you time and money while re-structuring your warehouse operations to reduce labor and handling costs.

38′ long expanded conveyor.

Ideal for packaging lines, our used expandable conveyor Nestaflex 175 set up fast and fold up easily for out-of-the-way storage.

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