Flue Space Between Palletized Products Inside Storage Racks

Imagine this:
A warehouse fire starts at the bottom of a pallet rack system. In a matter of time, the overhead sprinkler kicks in. The storage system is 12’ tall, with two beam levels and a floor level. Each level has two pallet positions on a 96″ (8’) long load beam, and 42″ wide pallets.

In order for the sprinkler to be effective, the flue space between the loads needs to be wide enough for the water to reach the fire. When designing pallet rack applications, horizontal flue space is one of the key factors to make storage racks work efficiently with sprinkler systems and meet fire codes. Typically, most fire codes require that there is 3″ of horizontal flue space and 6″ of longitudinal flue space between the loads, as well as 18″ of space between the sprinkler and the loaded rack.

Warehouse Fire Prevention

Flue space means “gap” between loads enabling sprinkler system to be more effective by reaching all storage levels in your application.

Pallet rack systems that incorporate the appropriate flue space specifications are more effective at reducing fire risk than are solid rack systems, and sometimes do not even require a sprinkler system to pass the fire code. However, for the highest level of safety, we suggest using a sprinkler system in tandem with the appropriate flue space applications.

Commercial Warehouse Relocation Services

Make your corporate relocation a safe one

We are fully insured to deliver and install your warehouse rack system. All of our experienced installers are 10 Hour or 30 Hour OSHA certified, making us the safest material handling company in California. Safety is our #1 priority during each warehouse relocation project.

Warehouse Solutions and Permits

Depending on the scope of work, your storage system may require building permits to be issue.

The Uniform Building Code (UBC), which is the standard followed in California and many other states, requires that any type of storage structure over 8′-0″ high be seismically engineered and permitted. This is designed to ensure that all construction in the State is safe. We are experience in proving building permits for storage systems in California.

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