Wire Partition System Components

Stock Panels

Stock Panels

Adjustable Panels

Adjustable panels

Service Windows

Service Windows



Hinged Doors

Hinged Doors

Double Hinged Doors

Double Hinged Doors

Dutch Doors

Dutch Doors

Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors

Tunnel Doors

Tunnel Doors

Vertical Rise Doors

Verticle Rise Doors

Standard Front (SF-1) Key Lock

WireCrafters standard key lock front big

Standard Back (SB-1) Recessed Thumb Turn Knob

WireCrafters standard key lock back big

Alternate Front (SF-2) Thumb-Turn Latch

WireCrafters standard lock thumb turn latch big

Alternate Front (SF-3) Door Knob Entry

WireCrafters standard lock door knob big

Cylinder Less (SF-4) Interchangeable Core

WireCrafters standard key lock cylinder less interchangeable core big

Alternate Back (SB-2) Interior Key

WireCrafters Interior Key Back big

Alternate Back (SB-3) Door Knob

WireCrafters standard back door knob big

Alternate Back (SB-4) Lever Handle

WireCrafters Lever Handle Back big

Alternate Back (SB-4) Lever Handle

eForce keyless entry lock with ten digit keypad big

Alarm Lock

WireCrafters door alarm lock big

Biometric Finger Reader & Keypad

WireCrafters Biometric Finger Reader lock with keypad big

Coded Card Reader

WireCrafters coded card reader lock big

Electric Strike

WireCrafters Electric Strike Lock big

Five-Button Coded Access Lock

WireCrafters five button coded access lock big

Fortress AmStop 24V Interlock

Fortress AmStop 24V Interlock for WireCrafters machine guarding big

Mag Lock

WireCrafters Magnetic Lock big

Master Lock® ADA Handle

WireCrafters turn lever door lock big

Push Bar

WireCrafters door push bar big

Ten-Digit Key Pad

WireCrafters ten digit key pad lock big



Door Openers

Door Openers

Door Closer

Door Closers

Colors and Finishes

Finishes Colors