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WorldStop Storage

WorldWide Material Handling WorldStop Storage product keeps pallet rack flue spaces consistent and allows for perfect pallet placement every time.


WorldStop Storage

Warehouse owners need to comply with local fire code ordinances while implementing policies and procedures to keep their properties safe and secure. WorldWide Material Handling offers products that support these goals. In particular their WorldStop Storage flue space divider has gained a good reputation in these areas.

Storage facilities and warehouses rely on WorldStop flue spacers to help them organize items. They work with pallet racking systems and have an added bonus of following fire safety rules. Their flue dividers help you precisely space your needed items, ensuring that you achieve optimal placement on a pallet each time you need to store and retrieve an object.

This storage product represents our strongest flue space divider, and WorldStop Storage offers an economical way to store objects on pallet racks. WorldStop flue space dividers allow for a minimum of 6 inches of longitudinal space, making it one of the best products to use with industrial pallet racks. In addition to the 6-inch space option, our company always stocks 12-inch flues and 18-inch flues.

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WorldStop Storage Features and Benefits:

  • This storage product, which has a patent, offers superior pallet placement.
  • WWMH designed our flue spacers to comply with building codes. In particular, International Building Code 2012 (IBC 2012) and NFPA13.
  • WorldWide Material Handling always have certain stock sizes on hand: 12 inches (6-inch flue); 18 inches (12-inch flue); and 24 inches (18-inch flue).
  • The product features a stiff box design, which we also robotically welded together for increased durability and strength.
  • All WorldStop orders come with the standard gray powder coat finish. If you need a different color for the finish, WorldWide Material Handling offers custom colors to meet your needs.
  • You do not need expert technical skills to install WorldStop. It comes with four pre-punched holes on each side, along with countersunk holes. If you cannot locate the correct screws to use, we have you covered. We include Tek screws with the product, making for an easy-to-assemble solution. The pre-punched holes offer flexibility when it comes to mounting the product, so you know it will fit with your pallet rack system.
  • WWMH knows that pallet racks come in different sizes and designs. Therefore, we offer custom designs and sizes to fit your pallet rack system.
  • WorlWide Material Handling offers row choices – order the single or double row design.
  • Each side contains a clearance spot. This means the dividers will snugly fit wire deck system that has an up to 2-gauge steel wire diameter.
  • The product offers a consistent way to keep the industry standard of a fixed 6-inch distance or more between each pallet.
  • WorldStop dividers have a 5-inch clearance, which stymies a pallet’s ability to go through the flue space.
  • The flue dividers feature a gusseted and double-walled design, allowing for reinforcement or expansion. This also makes the product extra strong.
  • WWMH includes an offset rib to assist with wire deck clearances.

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