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UNEX Span-Track Lane

UNEX Span-Track carton flow rollers provide a reliable and durable dynamic racking system. Span-Track Lane is also the industry’s most efficient carton flow solution for split case and full case order picking.


UNEX Span-Track Lane

UNEX Span-Track is the ultimate carton flow rack roller system that easily drops into your existing structures. Span-Track Lane patented designs allow for product to flow directly to the pick point of the worker.

When it comes to order picking solutions, Span-Track is the leader.



Installation and Assembly

UNEX Span-Track Lane

Why is Span-Track Lane so Versatile

Span-Track Lane carton flow rollers allow for even weight distribution by providing the most surface contact. The UNEX Span-Track Lane patented designs eliminates track hang-ups and optimizes product flow.

  • High accessibility and visibility for SKUs of varying shapes and sizes.
  • Organize and condensed your inventory.
  • Decrease travel time on the pick line.
  • Maximum your warehouse space usage.

In addition, UNEX full-width roller lanes are available in a variety of capacities. This allows for product stacking while increasing production in your order picking operations.


Span-Track Lane order picking solutions offer:

  • 300% more product contact than plastic wheel lanes.
  • Low temperature capabilities for freezers and coolers as low as 20 degrees below zero.
  • Easy installation, Drop-in designs.
  • Increased throughput up to 150% when compared to order picking from pallets.
  • Light, standard, and heavy duty capacity options.
  • High capacity options designed for stacking products.
  • Customized end treatments for easy use with any pallet rack beams.
  • Knuckled front end options to accommodate split case order picking.
  • Patented track notching that minimizes height and maximizes clearance.
  • Impact zones for heavy loading.
  • A comprehensive seven year warranty.

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