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Twinlode Drive In Pallet Rack

Twinlode makes a dual pallet drive-in rack system that is is both economical and high-density storage. With the use of a double-wide forklift, drivers can efficiently and safely handle twice the regular load in just one pass.


Twinlode Drive In Pallet Rank Systems

When it comes to high-density warehouse racking systems, Twinlode drive in pallet rack is fast becoming the industry standard. Twinlode’s double-wide structural steel racking system provides higher and deeper stacking capabilities.

Reduce Storage Space:

  • Storage of 50% or more product in the existing space.
  • Can cut storage area needed in half.
  • One facility instead of multiple locations.
  • Reduction in product damage.

Custom Application Design


Accommodates any size pallet and load.

New systems can be designed to fit specific needs.

  • Any size pallet and load can be accommodated, narrow pallets too.
  • Easier to load & unload than traditional drive-in storage racks
  • Twinlode drive in pallet rack has no moving parts.
  • Heavy duty construction, high usage, and heavy load application.

Handling Costs Reduced

Twinlode_Drive in Pallet Rack DFX Large

Stores 50% more product in existing space

Planning better the way your warehouse operates can save you time and money overtime:

  • By moving two loads at a time decrease labor costs 50%, and lift truck operating costs 50%.
  • Eliminate double handling; use same fork truck from trailer to rack.
  • Attractive financial alternative to leasing additional warehouse space.

Attractive Return on Investment:

  • Decrease labor equipment cost.
  • Lower square footage needed.
  • Eliminate costs from shuttle.
  • Attractive financial alternative to leasing additional warehouse space.

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