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Stretch Wrapper Packaging Equipment | FPS 200 Semi-Auto

Fox Packaging Services Pallet Wrappers, Model FPS 200 Semi Automatic


Industrial semi-automatic pallet wrapping machines are a great time saving resource for any warehouse. Save money and avoid injury to employees all while increasing efficiency.


Simple Semi-Auto Pallet Wrapping Machine

Fox Packaging Services FPS 200 Semi-Automatic Low Profile

Dramatically increase productivity and efficiency in your warehouse today with the Fox FPS 200 Low Profile Semi-Automatic Turntable Pallet Wrapper! Semi-automatic stretch pallet wrapper turntables are a lower cost alternative to fully automatic stretch pallet wrappers and faster than manually operated models. It is no longer necessary for someone to walk around a load numerous times to manually wrap your product. This entry-level semi-automatic pallet wrapping machine is perfect for medium volume applications (from 1 to 40 loads per hour) and is a great first machine.

High Capacity Programmable Warehouse Pallet Wrapper

The FPS 200’s turntable features a 1/2 HP SCR variable speed drive at speeds ranging from 0 – 15 RPM with a 20:1 gearbox. 36 table support wheels keep the load of up to 5000 pounds balanced and spinning free and true. The turntable can handle load sizes up to 55″ long by 55″wide with an 80” Diagonal. The wrapper has a tower with a vertical height capacity up to 91 inches tall.

A user-friendly flush mount 4” full color touch screen PLC controller includes options for preset and password protected lockout along with built-in with auto home alignment. The FPS 200 includes 4 new standard wrap programs built in: Standard Wrap Cycle, Standard Wrap Cycle w/Top Cover Pause, Bottom Wraps First, and Wrap Upwards Only. Additionally, a Banding Cycle Pause feature is included. Simply hitting the start button mid cycle will pause wrapping to allow for uneven or odd-shaped loads. Additional controls include nine separate top/bottom wrap and film height selectors, a cycle counter, manual carriage raise/lower control, and a large emergency push button power on/off switch with indicator light.

Fast and Easy Prestretch Film Change and Delivery with Hurricane Thread Carriage

The carriage lift sports a fully guarded heavy duty #50 ANSI roller chain with a ½ HP DC SCR variable speed drive routed through a 60:1 gearbox. Film delivery comes by way of a HURRICANE THREAD© 20″ prestretch film delivery system. The FPS 200 comes set from the factory at 200% film stretch with 50%-250% available upon request. The carriage is designed to easily thread film for quick reloads and utilizes a handy triple beam eye that will automatically detect the top of your load height as well as linear analog proximity sensor film feed speed control. It accepts 20” film with a 3” core.

Fox FPS 200 Low Profile Turntable Pallet Wrappers are warrantied against parts defects for a period of three (3) years, and five (5) years on workmanship if installed, maintained and used in accordance with factory specifications. This machine offers low maintenance and its fuse panel is easy to access.

Power requirements are 115VAC/15A/60Hz – simply plug and play.

Efficient, Time-Saving Warehouse Pallet Wrapper

A pallet wrapper offers warehouse operators a great alternative to hand wrapping loads. Hand wrapping is at best inconsistent and at worst dangerous, causing many serious back injuries in the workplace every year. In addition to helping preserve employee health and mitigating downtime, pallet wrapping machines can help save time and money, forgoing the need for extensive training and eliminating wasteful excess caused by hand wrapping.

Pallet wrapping your product is the last operation you perform and the first impression you make on your customer as a supplier. Presenting a professionally wrapped, undamaged and solid product to your customer is vitally important in delivering quality every time.

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Control Features

  • PLC (Programmable Logic Control)
  • Full color 4” touch screen display
  • (providing function control viewing)
  • 1/2 HP DC motors 
  • Variable Turntable Speed 0-15 RPM
  • Variable Film Carriage Speed Up/Down Control
  • Separate Top/Bottom Wrap Selectors 1-9
  • Separate Film Height Selector 1-9″
  • Flush Mounted Control Panel (built into tower)
  • Cycle Counter
  • Manual Carriage Raise/Lower Control
  • Turntable Jog with Auto Home Alignment
  • Large Emergency push button power On/Off switch with indicator light
  • Start Cycle Push Button
  • All circuits protected by fuses (easy access)

Carriage Lift

  • UHMW supports providing effortless movement and maximum stability (Qty4)
  • Heavy duty ANSI #50 chain carriage lift
  • 1/2HP DC MOTOR variable speed drive 60:1 GEARBOX
  • Carriage chain fully guarded

Film Delivery System

  • HURRICANE THREAD© 20″ prestretch film delivery system
  • 200% factory set film stretch (50%-250% available upon request)
  • Easy thread film carriage
  • Electronic film force control on panel
  • Adjustable mechanical force to load
  • Linear analog proximity sensor film feed speed control
  • 1/2HP DC MOTOR variable speed film drive
  • Triple beam auto height eye capable of recognizing all colors including black

Turntable Drive

  • 0–15 RPM Table Speed
  • 1/2HP DC MOTOR variable speed drive 20:1 GEARBOX
  • Adjustable electronic soft start / stop
  • Positive home position alignment
  • Safety E-Stop button
  • 36 table support wheels
  • Portable from front or back


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