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Slider Bed Conveyor Systems

Slider bed conveyor uses return rollers to run a conveyor belt along a smooth conveyor bed. This allows for the transportation of many different load types such as loose components and other materials that roller conveyors have a harder time carrying.


Slider Bed Conveyor Systems

The slider bed conveyor systems designs make it useful for transporting loads on inclines and declines. Typical slider bed applications include warehousing inspection lines, shipping lines and assembly lines.

Conveyor & Storage Solutions is ready to assist you and your company to achieve your objectives through improved material handling. We can schedule a meeting to evaluate your needs and review your options. We can generate an AutoCAD layout with the information collected. Then we submit a final layout design and budget for approval. Once the parts are ordered and shipped to your warehouse we can install the new system. We can also assist you with the permitting process. Layout design is critical in order to optimize storage capacity and product selectivity while minimizing operating cost. Column and doorway placement, local building & fire codes, slab and soil specs, product requirements, warehouse size and SKU management systems are considered when designing a new layout. Please feel free to call any of our friendly staff at (877) 227-7235, or Email us.

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