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Pallet Flow Rack

Pallet flow rack is a storage system where pallets are fed from one side, and retrieved from the other. This system uses a combination of rails and wheels. The rails are built on a slight incline, higher on the side that is fed, so that the pallets move forward when they are loaded into the system.


Pallet Flow Rack Components

Pre-owned span track allows existing pallet flow rack to be converted into first-in, first-out carton flow. No shelves or pallet supports needed. Convert the entire rack, or partially. We can help you configure the ideal system for your needs.

New Flow Racking

Pallet flow for warehouse storage systems.

Flow Racking Systems

All the pallets placed on a particular level must contain the same SKU and are managed using the First In First Out (FIFO) system.

Carton flow racking is similar to pallet flow racking, except cartons and/or boxes are being stored instead of pallets.

Used Pallet Flow Systems

Flow racking installation, engineering, design build, warehouse space planning, and building permit submittal services.


  • Utilizes gravity to bring products to the face of the picking aisle
  • Increases picking productivity by minimizing forklift travel distance
  • Provides high density storage for product sensitive to First In First Out rotation.

New and used flow racking in California.

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