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Catwalk Shelving Systems

Catwalk shelving storage systems are built using a combination of standard shelving components. In addition to the shelving, we use other materials to create the decking, flooring, and any other features such as fall protection and stairs.


Catwalk Shelving Systems

Catwalk shelving systems and components come in many different types and sizes, including low profile beams. Low profile beams increase the total storage space and maximizes the number of shelf levels that can fit into the system.

The abundant amount of used shelving within our industry creates the opportunity to design catwalk storage systems with both new and used materials.

Open Shelf Files

Building permits for industrial shelving.

Open shelf file storage can be designed with a catwalk storage system using shelving components. Industrial shelving can be configured to fit almost any warehouse size.

Order Picking

Boltless Shelving Catwalk1 large
Order picking system within a warehouse.

Boltless Shelving Stairs large
Stairway access to catwalk system.

Order picking modules such as the one above can be fabricated with heavy duty shelving such as Rapid Rack and RiveTier. This multi level storage system has one catwalk level, is accessed by an industrial stairway, and doubles the storage space. All the shelf levels can be reached by hand and in conjunction with a standard order picking cart.

Records Box Archives

Catwalk grating and used shelving.

Employee access stairway leading to catwalk levels.

Heavy duty employee access stairways used in catwalk shelving storage systems are manufactured by several vendors including Rapid Rack, Western Pacific, FCP, AMFI, and Ladder Industries. The design varies depending on the warehouse usage and the storage system requirements.


Used catwalk shelving for records box archives

Catwalk deck surfaces include steel grating, bar grating, high density wood, sturdi floor on B-Deck, diamond plate or metal decking, moisture resistant, concrete, and heat treated decks. Some of these catwalk decking features make catwalk flooring capable of withstanding heavy duty pallet jack and order pick cart loads.

Widespan catwalk aisle at the second level made with rack components.

Vertical lift units for material freight.

We have been a ground-breaking force in designing storage systems using warehouse material lifts and vertical reciprocating conveyors for storage mezzanines, catwalk shelving, and catwalk rack storage systems. VRCs replace the need for heavy duty equipment such as warehouse forklift trucks and forklifts by creating a safer and more productive work environment.

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