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Single & Double Sided (HMH)

Hannibal Industries’ Single & Double Sided Structural Steel Cantilever racking is the first choice for storing non-uniform raw material. Make a strong lifetime investment with Hannibal.


Smart Design Makes Storage Safer and Easier

Cantilever Rack specifically single & double sided structural cantilever racks are a medium to extra heavy-duty multi-level storage solution comprised of single or double-sided columns that support vertically adjustable load bearing arms. Structural cantilever is built from structural steel, the best choice when constructing cantilever racking systems. Roll formed steel cantilever requires a greater amount of labor to make, holds less weight, and is more susceptible to corrosion, especially when used in an outdoor application.
Cantilever rack arms come either straight or inclined, depending on the material being stored. The straight arm has a very slight angle pitched toward the support column, while the inclined arm is further angled, specific to storage needs, to avoid product roll-off. End stops can also be included as an added measure of safety. A horizontal base helps to stabilize the structure and supports the bottom load. Different methods of bracing complete the cantilever rack structure, be it horizontal beams, diagonal tensioned bracing, or a combination. Bracing is situated between the uprights, laterally stabilizing the rack and maintaining spacing between uprights. These frames leave the front of the racks unimpeded by structural elements, unlike traditional selective pallet rack. Cantilever racks thus provide full horizontal access with no lost storage space due to rack structure while providing much greater handling clearance than with a typical pallet rack system.

Versatile Storage for a Wide Variety of Applications

Single & Double Sided Structural Cantilever storage systems are ideally suited to the storage of any material that is inventoried in varying dimensions and requires long and unobstructed space. Awkwardly shaped and sized materials like bar or plate stock, metal and plastic extrusions, conduit and piping, cable spools and a whole host of others are best suited to being stored on cantilever systems. In fact, the economy of savings over traditional pallet rack increases significantly as load length, height and bulkiness increases. By minimizing the footprint of storage space while increasing density, a variety of different operators can maximize warehouse efficiency. Businesses like lumber yards, window and door manufacturers, home improvement stores, automotive and marine storage/supply, appliance sales, flooring, fabric sales and many more recognize it as a great storage solution for their particular business or product line.

Tough Materials Hold Up Over Years of Service

With years of experience in structural steel and in pallet rack manufacturing, Hannibal Industries has not only the material know-how but the manufacturing capacity and engineering background to tackle any job requirements with products built to last. This is what makes Hannibal Industries a leader in the field. With value-engineered designs for an ideal configuration specific to customer needs and storage space, Hannibal’s cantilever racks maximize space both vertically and horizontally to provide an economical, efficient storage and retrieval system. In addition, all-structural steel fabrication ensures a long life for your storage investment.

Seismic Engineering and Professional Installation Provide Great Value

Conveyor & Storage Solutions is the #1 choice when looking for cantilever rack for sale in CA. C&SS is the only firm to stock Hannibal Structural Cantilever Rack, in both 12- and 16-foot column heights with 4-foot arms. This drastically reduces lead times for material and can get your job done faster. As a Hannibal Master Dealer, C&SS is also able to supply any size Single & Double Sided Structural Cantilever Rack, including custom sizes, in vastly reduced times as compared to other industry professionals. In addition to advantages in stocking and sourcing, C&SS has a vast and deep knowledge base when it comes to designing cantilever systems that meet or exceed high seismic and fire codes. With headquarters and offices in the heart of a Seismic Zone 4, C&SS has built up decades of experience designing and engineering structures and systems that meet the most rigorous standards. When simple installation, low maintenance and rugged operation are key, Structural Cantilever from Hannibal Industries is the only choice.

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