Portfolio | Submitted by: Scott Krasnoff
Designed by: Scott Krasnoff
Installers: Jarrod Faul, Nathan Poucher

Server Room Security Cage for Retail Banking

Grafflin Construction | Newport Beach, CA


Project Overview:

Conveyor & Storage Solutions provided Grafflin Construction with design and build services on a server room security cage with electromagnetic lock for a new Wells Fargo administration building in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA.


Orange County General Contractor Specializing in Banks

Grafflin Construction provides a thorough and fair bidding process through to unwavering job supervision until the seamless turnover of each project. Their project approach is driven by each client’s specific goals, collaborative teamwork and extensive construction experience.

They demand the highest quality performance, on-site professionalism and competitive bidding practices from their employees and subcontractors in return for safe and positive work environments. This builds a partnership of integrity and respect to ensure higher standards, consistent performance and lucrative relationships.


Installation of Secure Wire Partition Cage with Mag Lock

Grafflin Construction are experts in the field of bank and financial establishment remodel and construction, and as experts, require expert subcontractors to produce the high-quality work both they and their customers expect. Conveyor and Storage Solutions was brought in as just such a subcontractor, to assist with a high security wire cage server room in a brand-new Wells Fargo location. Working together with Grafflin’s general contracting team, C&SS designed a server cage with a specialized lock system ensuring only bank staff with secure clearance are allowed admittance. This design also took environmental concerns into consideration, allowing for the all the air flow and heat dissipation a server room requires. In the end C&SS’s design and installation met and exceeded Wells Fargo’s demands in providing top of the line security in a sensitive area.


Improved Physical Security with Designated Access

Conveyor & Storage Solutions provided Grafflin Construction a wire partition server cage designed to keep the server area highly secure yet accessible to authorized personnel.

• Secured an area for a future server room

• Designed for selective access only

• Designed for high security

• Materials and Installation delivered upon end users’ timeline

• Compliant with CA and banking safety regulations


Server Room Security Cage Pictures