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Installers: C&SS Installation Team

Wire Security Cage for Auto Repair Shop

AutoTrust USA | Orange County, CA


Project Overview:

Conveyor & Storage Solutions delivered on a wire partition security cage design and installation for a newly renovated Aston Martin auto repair shop in Orange County, CA.


Orange County Auto Dealership

AutoTrust USA is a family-owned pre-owned car dealership headquartered in Miami and servicing not only the rest of Florida, but other areas of the United States as well. AutoTrust USA’s successful business strategy has recently led it to expand across the country to Orange County.


Installation of Wire Partition Storage Cage to Create Separation in Facility

Looking to expand their nationwide network, AutoTrust USA saw an opportunity in Aston Martin Newport Beach. With demand for luxury car sales and service on the rise in Orange County, it seemed only prudent they expand their product offering in an up and coming market. Their acquisition of AMNB was a no brainer.

Part of AutoTrust USA’s move to the west coast involved a revamp of Aston Martin Newport Beach’s service department. In particular, the service department was in dire need of secure storage for its inventory of expensive luxury car parts. Conveyor and Storage Solutions stepped in and stepped up to help meet this goal and deliver the best solution possible. In collaboration with Wirecrafters, a custom wire partition cage was designed encompassing all existing parts shelving. Careful consideration was paid to ensure a maximum level of security was achieved while not inhibiting parts availability or access for the busy service department. A timely, cost effective installation by C&SS’s in-house professionals highlighted not only the quality materials used but expert design they’re known for as well.


Secured Car Parts Storage

Conveyor & Storage Solutions offered US Auto Trust the wire partition design needed to keep high end car parts secure.

• Secured a storage system that is protecting expensive parts inventory.

• Materials and Installation delivered upon customer’s timeline.

• Clean design with sliding, locking door entry.

• Compliant with CA code.


Wire Security Cage Pictures

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