Portfolio | Submitted by: Scott Krasnoff
Designed by: Scott Krasnoff
Installers: Jeremy Keith, Maui Ledesma

Custom Wire Partition Lockers in Containers for Naval Bomb Squad

Aerial Industries | National City, CA


Project Overview:

Conveyor & Storage Solutions engineered a Wire Partition design to fit into custom fabricated containers for the Navy Bomb Squad to store their gear when deployed overseas.


Supporting Both the Military and Civilians

Aerial Industries has over 40 years of experience in supporting both the military and civilians by consulting on various levels by distributing equipment and apparel. They also have a strong presence in the Southern California construction industry. Aerial Industries focus is on customer service satisfaction and emphasizes on building and maintaining outstanding working relationships with their customers. They are built on principal and integrity and will not stand for anything less.


Design of Secure Wire Partition for Military Equipment

As Aerial Industries works hand in hand with the military on specialized projects, they needed the expertise of C&SS to help design, engineer, and build wire partition lockers in custom fabricated containers that meet the U.S. Military’s high standards. These storage units needed to meet specific requirements and be built to last as they are getting shipped across the world where the bomb squad will be deployed. C&SS designed the partitions to fit tightly and securely in the containers to meet the end users’ needs. Each locker was sectioned off to align with each roll up door to allow each service member to only access their specific locker.


Increased U.S. Naval Military Storage Space

Conveyor & Storage Solutions provided Aerial Industries with the precise, safe, and secure solution they were looking.

• Designed and built (144) custom lockers in shipping containers

• Engineered to withstand heavy military use

• Compliant with U.S. Military Standards

• Met customer’s tight target date on project completion

• C&SS exceeded both customer’s and end users’ expectations

“The entire command is very happy with the outcome, including the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer. These things came out solid. Thank you guys for all your help. The professionalism Jeremy and Maui exercised during the installation was exceptional and the ability to meet our deadlines was impressive, especially in the heat we’ve been experiencing. I’d give them a raise or at least a nice bonus, they deserve it. This project was definitely a shot in the dark and even we here had our doubts that this was going to work given how technical and precise everything needed to be. I really appreciate how easy it as to work with your team figuring all this out.”

-Wayne Helgeson


Navy Wire Partition Locker Design Pictures