Case Study | Submitted by: Scott Krasnoff
Designed by: Scott Krasnoff
Installers: Jeremy Keith, Senobio Saldivar, Jarrod Faul, Nathan Poucher

Cantilever Racks for Lumber or Pipe Storage

Weiland Sliding Doors | Oceanside, CA


Project Overview:

Conveyor & Storage Solutions delivered a custom storage design for a door manufacturer to allow them to store raw material prior to pulling for the beginning stages of manufacturing.


Cantilever and Pallet Racking for Door Manufacturer

Blur the boundary between indoors and outdoors with their Sliding, Pivot and Folding doors. For over 30 years, Weiland has provided seamless transitions and outstanding performance. Discover stunning ways to maximize openings with their robust panel and frame designs paired with their smooth, effortless operation. Everything they manufacture is custom built using the highest quality material and a keen craftsmanship, so the freedom to design is in the customer’s hands.


Installation of Lumber Rack System

With business booming, Weiland, a subsidiary of Anderson Windows & Doors, found itself in need of a new larger warehouse to hold raw materials for its custom sliding doors. The demand for custom doors has continued to grow in lockstep with Southern California’s ever-expanding real estate market. A custom storage solution was required to accommodate the larger volume of the varying sizes and shapes of plastics, metals and woods Weiland’s custom doors incorporate.

Conveyor & Storage Solutions designed a custom cantilever and pallet rack system to take full advantage of the layout of their new warehouse space. The design incorporated comfortable safety margins around the large industrial machinery used in door construction along with room for proper material storage all while complying with California building and fire code. In addition to the design and buildout of the project, C&SS handled the full building permit including both a high pile storage and fire report.


Lumber Racking System to Protect Products

Conveyor & Storage Solutions partnered with Weiland Sliding Doors to help configure a comprehensive warehouse design layout. C&SS closely collaborated with Weiland’s engineering department to come up with the most cost effective and space optimizing design. Weiland’s previous answer for material storage had been in an outdoor yard, an imperfect solution considering the materials being stored. Through an inspection of the old facility, C&SS was able to diagnose previous design challenges and optimize the new warehouse for success.

In a site visit to the new warehouse, Conveyor & Storage Solutions analyzed and took stock of the full scope area of the building where storage was needed by reviewing the ceiling height, building structures, electrical, sprinkler system, fire access, and egress. Meeting CA code was both a priority for the customer and C&SS since a full building permit with high pile storage and fire reports were to be done.

Custom racking was engineered to account for the multiple different sizes and weights of raw material being stored. C&SS worked closely with both Interlake Mecalux, a leading pallet rack manufacturer, and Structural Engineering & Design, a licensed CA engineering company, in engineering the racks to accommodate the variety of materials being stored. Weiland uses aluminum extrusion, different types of plastics, wood and more in many different bundle sizes and weights. To accommodate for all the variation, cantilever racks were designed to be 18’ tall with bay widths of 3’, 4’, 6’, and 8’. Also designed, A hand stacking area was also designed utilizing a selective pallet rack system including ProDeck 50 Decking to enable Weiland to store cardboard, plastic packaging, and containers of hardware.

Big concerns for Weiland in the floorplan design were to have the racking spaced out enough to ensure forklift operators had enough room to both maneuver around the warehouse and unload/load material while still prioritizing a safe working environment for employees. Manufacturing facilities have a high amount of foot traffic by nature, and the design accommodated for ease of egress throughout.


Premier Door Manufacturer Storage Facility

Conveyor & Storage Solutions delivered on this project by providing Weiland a design build for them to safely and securely store raw materials. This was completed by the following positive outcomes:

• Multiple Racking Systems to Accommodate Products

• Designed a layout of (56) Bays of Custom Cantilever and (24) Bays of Custom Pallet Racking

• Materials, Installation, and Full Building Permit delivered in a timely matter

• Engineering ability exceeded customer’s expectations

• Compliant with CA code


Preserved Valuable Warehouse Door Materials

Throughout this project, Conveyor & Storage Solutions was always committed to meeting and exceeding the customer’s goals and delivered in the following areas:

• Consistent communication throughout the entire process

• Transparency on timeline’s with engineering, materials, permit and installation

• Material knowledge on custom applications

• Professionalism with the installation team

• Commitment to excellence shown within the entire scope of work

My experience with C&SS was great. Everyone was very responsive and respectful throughout the entire process from quote to install to final inspection. Scott, Josh, and Bira all made the experience easy. Of all the contractors I had to coordinate with, this was one that didn’t require much attention which was much appreciated.
– Evan Guggenberger | Engineer


Cantilever Rack Warehouse Pictures