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UNEX Span-Track Wheel Bed

Span-Track wheel beds by UNEX are designed to meet the ever changing demands of your order picking operation. Span-Track will increase product order flow and storage space flexibility.


UNEX Span-Track Wheel Bed

How flexible is your carton flow system? If you’re not using Span-Track Wheel Beds, the answer may be “not enough.”



Installation and Assembly

Span-Track Wheel Bed Unex

Span-Track wheel bed provides the following:

  • Maximize Order Picking Rates – Increases throughput by 150% compared to picking from a pallet.
  • Storage flexibility – Store multiple sized products within the same shelf level.
  • Decrease Order Picking Travel Time – Reduce travel time between picks by storing items closer together.
  • Productive Use of Space – Maximize space and create ideal FIFO storage for products.
  • Simple Design – Reslot wheel beds without having to move tracks.
  • Seamless Installation – Drop-in design wheel beds create a simple installation.
  • Capacity – Available in light, standard, and heavy duty options.
  • Guaranteed to Fit – Customized end treatments are designed to fit any type of pallet rack beam.
  • Knuckled Track – Available in straight track for full case picking or knuckled track for split case picking.
  • Clearance – The height of the track within your pallet racking is reduced by our patented track notching.
  • Durability – Built to withstand your day to day operations and backed by a seven year warranty from Unex.

SpanTrack WheelBed Unex

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