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Interlake MECALUX® Structural Cantilever

Organize your workspace with Home Depot Racks storage with the use of the Interlake MECALUX® Structural Cantilever.


Home Depot Racks

Home Depot Racks range from medium to an extra heavy-duty storage solution for all that’s bolted to a steel column with load-bearing arms. These wonderful frames leave the front of the racks unimpeded for easy select access to goods by structural elements.

Interlake MECALUX® Structural Cantilever Racks is the best storage option for large or abnormal loads, cantilever racking holds furniture, wood, tubes, rolls of cloth and pipes comfortably. Such cantilever rack systems are available in both roll formed and structural steel models for light duty to heavy duty applications. This multi-level storage system is designed and built to provide superior strength, stability and security. All parts are treated with a durable paint for a scratch-resistant finish and a professional look that is amazing!

What Are Some Advantages of Home Depot Racks?

  • They’re great because they provide such a wide load range for normal or earthquake-resistant applications
  • It’s state of the art design of the center column creates unlimited horizontal space
  • The Adjustable vertical arm length of 2 inches makes it fully customizable

If you would like a well-rounded storage solution, combine your cantilever racks with other storage systems such as pallet racks, light-duty pick-up shelves, and Interlake MECALUX® Roll Formed Cantilever.

Structural Cantilever Overview

Interlake MECALUX® Structural Cantilever Racks are available in medium and heavy duty and have been built to satisfy all market needs. The choice of the most appropriate systems depends on the characteristics of the product to be stored particularly the products weight, size and height.

Columns for Structural Cantilever

The columns of the Structural Cantilever are created using either Medium-Duty design (W6” x 9 or W6” x 12) or Heavy-Duty design (W8” x 13, W8” x 15, W8” x 18 or W10” x 19). Each column model is equipped with punch holes for positioning so that bound arms can be placed in 3” intervals and for joints and cross bracing at specific points to be connected to the core.

Single-sided Cantilever

The Single-sided Cantilever can be used as an option which gives both sides access.

Double-sided Cantilever

Also, the Double-sided Cantilever can be used as an option which gives both sides access.

A. Column
B. Arm
C. Base
D. Horizontal bracing
E. Cross bracing (X-bracing)
F. Bolted bracing tab
G. Pipe stop (optional)

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