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Heavy Duty Pipe Rack Accessories

Interlake MECALUX® Heavy-Duty Shims

Level and balance your Pipe Racks storage columns with the use of the Interlake MECALUX® Heavy Duty Shims.


Heavy Duty Pipe Rack Accessories

Heavy Duty Pipe Rack steel shim plate is used to make sure your rack uprights are balanced and level. Unfortunately, not all warehouses or facility floors will be level. Please know that installing a pipe rack on an uneven floor will result in dangerous, wobbly racking. Our shim plate will help you get your new pipe racks leveled during installation. The shim plate easily sits under the column footplate of the upright. One or more shims is required per column.

What Colors Do Heavy Duty Pipe Rack Shims Come In?

Our Heavy Duty Pipe Rack steel shims are currently available in a beautiful galvanized finish.

Where are pipe rack shims installed?

Pipe rack shims are located under the Heavy duty cantilever to level and balance the frame.

If you would like to see our Medium-Duty Shim, please visit Interlake MECALUX® Medium Duty Cantilever.

Column Profile Shims Part#
W8″ X 13 Shims U 8″ T0057329
W8″ X 15
W8″ X 18
W10″ X 19 Shims U 10″ T0057330
Interlake Mecalux Heavy Duty Pipe Rack Shim T0057329/T0057330)

COLUMN SHIM (T0057329/T0057330)

Interlake Mecalux Heavy Duty Pipe Rack Shim T0057331


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