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Medium Duty Pipe Racks

Interlake MECALUX® Medium-Duty Cantilever

Organize your workspace with Pipe Racks storage with the use of the Interlake MECALUX® Medium Duty Cantilever.


Medium Duty Pipe Racks

Interlake Mecalux Medium Duty Cantilever Double And Single Sided

Perfect for storing everything from bar stock to pipes and other long products, Medium Duty Pipe Racks come as either single or double sided units to best fit your space and needs. Arms are available in three different sizes and are adjustable in 1½” increments. Workers stay safe thanks to welded end stops. Create even more storage space, or additional length by connecting multiple units.

Medium Duty Pipe Racks is your perfect solution for storing materials that have long or varied lengths like metal beams, pipes, molding, wooden boards, and other wide range of items. Our racks are produced with W6″ profiles with holes punched on a single flange to form a single sided column (L) or holes punched on both flanges to create a double-sided column (C) welded to the base plate for slab attachment. They are available in Two models: W6” X 9 and W6. The holes punched on 3” vertical centers allow the positioning of the arms to the maximum required loads.

These Pipe Racks combine solid load capacity with easy-to-use button-on cantilever arms for some of the easiest rack to buy, install and use on the market. With straight or inclined arms, these racks are ideal for pipe, tubing, lumber and bar stock. Just fix the arms into position and you’ll see that there are no nuts or bolts are required!

Interlake Mecalux Column Depth Weight Height

What Colors are available?

Our Pipe Racks are available in a beautiful blue finish which is the standard color.

What Height Sizes are available?

Do you find it difficult to find the correct height? Our Pipe Racks come in many heights to support the needs of your warehouse or application. These Medium-Duty Pipe Racks are available in the following Standard heights: 8’, 10’, 12’ and 14’ with the addition of a 1/4” base plate. It is attached to the slab using 2 ANCHOR U BOLTS MKD W1/2X 3/16”.

If you would like another well-rounded storage solution, please see our Interlake MECALUX® Heavy Duty Cantilever.

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