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WorldPro VGuard Pallet Rack Post Protectors

WorldPro® VGuard fits all standard size pallet rack columns, which typically measure 3 inches wide.



If you want our most popular product for post protection of your pallet racking system, then look no further than WorldPro® VGuard. Use this product for reach truck application and to continue to protect your pallet rack system from daily wear and tear. This product ensures you get the most mileage out of your pallet rack.

Worldwide Material Handling made VGuard with durable thick steel because this element best absorbs outrigger impact. The product stands at 4 inches high and the steel measures five-sixteenths of an inch. We then mount the product with a heavy floor anchor, which measures three-fourths in diameter. This ensures that the anchor supplies the best column protection available on the market.

WorldPro® VGuard fits all standard size pallet rack columns, which typically measure 3 inches wide. You then mount the product above the footplate, which gives you the needed versatility to use the product in a manner that suits your needs. We know you do not have time to wait to protect your pallet racking system from damage. Therefore, we always keep these post pallet rack protectors in stock.

WorldPro® VGuard Specs and Features:

Worldwide Material Handling knows you want to get the most usage out of your pallet rack. The below points summarize the benefits and features of our most popular post-protection product:

  • This post-protection pallet product features five-sixteenths solid thick steel construction for extended durability.
  • We designed the product for reach truck application and for post-protection measures.
  • We manufactured VGuard to fit under low-level beams, so they measure 4 inches high.
  • Our company designed the product to fit standard 3-inch wide pallet rack columns. However, we manufacture specialized column widths upon request.
  • For extra security and safety, VGuard fits tightly around the columns.
  • The product works with additional anchors that measure three-fourths in diameter. You may purchase these separately from us when you place your order for WorldPro® VGuard.
  • If you have a need for the non-stock column size, please contact us to discuss custom sizes.
  • The column guards have a semi-rounded design – we encourage you to call us if you need a different design.
  • Like our other column guards, VGuard also features our all-welded construction.
  • The product’s finish stands out with powder coat safety yellow. If you require or want a different finish, we have the ability to produce customize finishes.
  • WorldPro® VGuard follows our company’s tradition of using durable steel that meets industry-standard engineering protocols.

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