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WorldPro ColumnGuard Pallet Rack Guards

All of our WorldPro ColumnGuard pallet rack guards come standard as a floor mounted design and are available in 12”, 18” or 24” heights.


WorldPro ColumnGuard Pallet Rack Guards

WorldPro ColumGuard provides a great option when you need to protect your pallet racking system. Worldwide Material Handling designed this product to help your warehouse by deterring outrigger damage. Most pallet racks see wear and tear at the bottom. WorldPro ColumGuard protects the bottom part of the frame, keeping that part secure, so you get the most usage from your pallet racking system.

All of our WorldPro guards come with a standard floor mounting design. Customers have the option to buy them in various heights ranging from 12 inches to 18 inches to 24 inches. We designed them to fit standard columns, which typically measure 3 inches wide. In terms of footplates, this product fits ones that measure up to 3.75 inches wide. If you need a size outside the normal range, we have the option to make pallet rack guards for columns that measure up to 4 inches wide. Just reach out to us with your request and find out why WorldWide Material Handling has become known as one of the leaders in pallet rack safety.

WorldPro ColumnGuard Specs and Features:

We encourage you to protect your pallet rack investment while keeping your warehouse or manufacturing site safe by securing a WorldPro ColumGuard. Below you will find a summary of the features and benefits of our famous WorldPro ColumGuard:

  • The product features a traditional floor-mounted design.
  • The column guards have a rounded design – contact us if you require a different shape.
  • We use thick steel wire mesh construction that you know from our other products. The pallet rack guard measures three-sixteenths of an inch.
  • The measurement for the footplate equals 6 inches by 7 ¾ inches.
  • The product fits a standard 3-inch wide pallet; however, you may request other column widths to fit your needs.
  • The pallet rack guards come with four anchor holes that measure five-eighths in diameter.
  • If you need diameter holes in a different size, we separately sell half-inch diameter holes. We find that most pallet racking systems require these.
  • We provide the floor mounts in three different heights – 12 inches, 18 inches and 24 inches.
  • The column guard features durability that comes from our all-welded construction.
  • We designed the product so you get the most use from your pallet racking system. Therefore, each product features powder coat safety yellow to make it stand out. If you require a custom finish instead of powder coat safety yellow, just let us know.
  • WorldPro ColumnGuard upholds the same high-quality standards of our other protection products. We believe in adhering to industry-standard engineering guidelines.
  • Like our other protective pallet rack solutions, just contact us to discuss our custom designs and sizes. We are ready and able to meet your needs.

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