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WorldDeck Wire Mesh Decking

WorldDeck Wire mesh comes in handy when workers need to load pallets or stack items onto a pallet rack.



Our decking solutions, which we make from welded wire mesh, supply extra safety precautions for pallet racks. This type of mesh complements existing storage options in warehouses. We recommend wire mesh over wood decks because mesh is stronger, making it a safer and more secure choice. Wire mesh comes in handy when workers need to load pallets or stack items onto a pallet rack. This product meets local fire code specifications. Additionally, our WorldDeck wire mesh product provides the needed durability for a variety of storage applications.

Install with Ease

Our decking installations require no tools, so any worker may easily install them. The deck part nicely fits into place because it uses existing pallet rack beams for support. Mesh also lets light through at each level, and the material repels dust.

Large Selection of Inventory and Customization Options

Our company stocks a large amount of wire mesh decking. If you require something outside of stock sizing, and we do not have the measurements in stock, we will help. Because of our huge amount of inventory, we have the ability to make custom sizes and styles, ensuring we always meet your specialized decking needs.

Overview of WorldDeck Wire Decking Systems

  • Flared channel wire mesh decking system – This comes with a proprietary ribbed design and a flared end that we weld into the wire. This fits on most warehouse pallet rack beams.
  • Step Channel Wire Mesh Decking – This is our company’s most popular design. The product fits a 1 5/8 step beam. However, if you need something higher or lower, we have the materials to create other step heights.
  • Solid Deck Pallet Rack Decking – This product comes in various designs, which we make from all-steel construction.
  • Inverted Flared Channel Wire Decking – Go with this type if you need to comply with FDA regulations. The product has a flared end that we welded to the mesh wire.
  • Inverted Step Channel Wire Decking – This inverted product also complies with FDA regulations. The inverted design means that food and other debris will not get stuck in the channels.
  • Bulk Rack Wire Decking – Use this for a single bulk rack or for a variety of shelving configurations. We recommend this product for hand loading.

WorldDeck Benefits and Features

  • The standard size dimensions equal 2 ½ inches by 4 inches by a 6-gague pattern wire mesh.
  • Support channels come in 14-gauge or 16-gauge.
  • A 1 ½ inch waterfall is located at the front and back.
  • The product is made from a strong powder coat finish.
  • We manufacture our decking solutions to comply with ANSI MH26.2.
  • If you need a different finish to protect from corrosion, we recommend going with an electrogalvanized one because it contains a layer of zinc, which we bond to steel.
  • We based our product capacities on Uniform Distributed Load (UDL).
  • In addition to our large selection of inventory, we also offer custom shapes and sizes, which we guarantee will fit all types of pallet racks.
  • For further customization needs, we supply hanging, snap-in and flue space dividers.

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